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Food Bless You There was a notion that all-female panel talk shows would struggle to succeed. Another was that there were too many food-related television shows. Olive TV’s new food show “Food Bless You,” however, is turning these two presumptions on their heads.

Food Bless You“Food Bless You” had been showered with attention from local entertainment circles even before its premiere, because of its rare all-female cast amongst the male-dominated local variety shows. Since “Infinite Girls,” a female version of the popular format “Infinite Challenges,” aired its last episode in 2013, all-female shows have been absent for a long time.

Four TV personalities Choi Hwa-Jung, Lee Young-Ja, Song Eun-Yi and Kim Sook, who have known each other for over 15 years, mix food and counselling.

The show is garnering more attention because it is the new project of female comedian Song who created “Vivo TV” on YouTube, which she co-hosted with her longtime friend and fellow comedian Kim. While female comedians have been struggling with dwindling opportunities to showcase their talents, Song was regarded as creating a playground for her colleagues on the new media platform. Their channel has over 220,000 subscribers now, and one of its popular segments was made into a hit TV show “Kim Sang-min’s Receipt.”

Food Bless You Episode 29

Food Bless You

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