Love All Play Episodes 1-2 First Impressions

Make your shoes, makers, because our latest sports drama is also a race – make it a sprint – towards Roman. Founded in the world of professional badminton, love is a young love story about two people who play games for various reasons.

Episodes 1-2 first feedback

I knew that when I was announced, I would check all the games of love as I am an absolute fish for the underdug sports drama that has an aspect of romance. Our leading pair – both inside and outside the badminton court – does not waste their time on their teaser, so I think it is safe to say that the romance did not shadow through the world’s sports and competitive battles. is going.

Park Tai Jun (Chi Jong Hop) treats Badminton as a job. He is not in court for entertainment or dignity, but for the sweet, sweet pay that pays his adhesive addiction. So when his doubles partner is injured during the match and wants to play through pain, Tai June benefited from his partner. No “job” is worth a permanent physical loss.

But Tai Jun doesn’t just leave the match. He decided to stop playing badminton and focused on starting a coaching career. After packing his locker, he goes out of alcohol with his ex -colleague fellow fellow, and he selects the same dubkey bar like Team Yunus, a professional badminton team, who has a multiple ex And consists of the current national players.

The enmity between the two teams is less than friendly, but Tai June has offered to improve the fence and cover the UNES tab. Thinking that they have free food, some members of Yunus place a bunch of expensive menu items and deliberately run the bill… after which Tai Jun leaves it.

Park Tai Yang (Park Joe Hun) offers expensive bill payments, but its generosity is barely appreciated. Once a funny and national team member, Tai Yang, is now a Badminton world. Rumor, she disappeared three years ago to avoid a bribe scandal, but Tai Yang’s unilateral conversation with the arcade game outside the bar shows that he is very poor in bribing any officials. Is. Whatever it is, though, she believes in rumors rather than revealing the real cause of her break in Yunus.

When Tai Jun sees it outside the bar playing an arcade game, he knows exactly who he is. She also recognizes her … as a boy he paid walk out on the bill. Tai Jun apologized and paid it with his racket, which he believes he used to set a unofficial global record for the fastest catastrophe. Tai Yang, who has a record of non -governmental women in Korea, happily accepts the racket as a payment. This is something that has valuables.

The next time our Leeds went to each other when Tai June interviewed Tai Yang’s adoption Father Park Mano (Jeon Bai hundred) for a coaching position. When Tai Jun saw man, he realized that he had known Tai Yang from his childhood.

He once caught him stealing a motorcycle, and in response to his attempt to steal, he challenged him in Badminton’s game. If she succeeds in scoring a point on it, she will not tail on it. The playground match not only revealed him to be a stranger, but he also attracted the attention of Badminton coach, Mano, who adopted it.

Tai Jun emphasized the feeling that he literally changed his life and started his career, but when he physically gets closer to him and wants to exchange phone numbers, Tai Yang asked him to retreat because he smells the most sweaty. When she sees her training, Tai Jun stands far away from her, but when it comes to three, it is everything to attract her to standing on the springs of water… a… one…! A small scene of our couple’s man -made water geyser.

Later, Mano called Tai June to tell him he did not get a job. He says that Tai should play professionally for more five years in June, and so Tai June met Younus head coach Li Tai Sang (which Han Chole). Tai June is no longer very interested in becoming a badminton player, but 1 % of it-perhaps the part that wants to join the team like Tai Yang-is reluctant to reject the Tai Sang offer. When he hears the proposed salary (60 million One), however, 1 % has received some Zero, and he is included in Team Yunus.

Tai Yang is happy that the friendly Tai Jun joined the team and became an ally, especially once Tai Sang advised to replace doubles partners. After watching the videos of Tai June’s gameplay (and repeatedly writes his name in his notebook), he sets his eyes on Tai June as his future mixed doubles partner, but he does not recruit. Is. Being a partner seems to have a lot of work for him – the equivalent of a Badminton unopposed overtime. In addition, whenever they score a point, they are very low in giving it a high five.

As expected, though, not everyone is pleased with the latest additions. Yuke Jung-Hoon (Kim Mo June), a member of a national Badminton team that is famous for fengles, thinks that Tai Yang had left the game three years ago-in which his former Doubles are included-and that’s not. Happy that she’s returned. When to increase the insult to injury, when he returns to Younis Duram after presenting a scene during a press conference, he is found that Tai Jun has commanded his old bed.

Meanwhile, Lee Ying Sham (who is a hundred Hong), who is angry that keep the team on the edge, are more cold for Tai Yang. He lived friendly, but the young Shem is bitter that Tai Yang disappeared three years ago without any explanation or farewell.

Young Shem challenged Tai Yang for a match and-in front of the whole team and coaches-and then humiliated Tai Yang, which is still not conditional and practically. The defeat is rough, but Tai Yang puts pressure and tolerates hazling.

Whatever happened three years ago, he felt that he deserves punishment, but I personally do not fanatic the testimony of Tai Yang. Like Tai Jun, who asks why she insists on lying that the bribe scandal is real, I wonder if the big revelation will be worth all the self -made harassment she is putting on itself.

Tai Yang becomes a defensive when Tai June investigated her past, so she decides that she no longer wants to be her doubles partner. Yes, it would be beneficial for him to be linked to him so skilled, but he chose him because he thought he could help him appreciate his own abilities. –

Although unintentionally, its remarks are the reverse psychology of the textbook, and after thinking after some time-and staring at Tai Yang when she is sleeping in inferior-Tai June asked her to become a partner. He disagrees with a running start and jumping his hand to the high five, and thus the introduction this week ends with the promise of romance and sportsmanship.

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