Sell Your Haunted House Episode 8

The group deals with a case entailing the fatality of a child, an investigative ends up being questionable about where they’re obtaining their information, and also simply when our leads appear to be discovering their equilibrium, a key is disclosed which endangers to disturb everything.

Ji-ah’s been browsing the exorcism archives and has actually located documents getting to back hundreds of years that inform of calamitous occasions complying with the sighting of a faceless individual. These are egg ghosts, harbingers of ruin that are produced when a number of people pass away all at once from a traumatic event, fusing their spirits with each other.

Ji-ah hunches that the spirits of the sufferers eliminated by the fire Sung-Shik set had actually developed an egg ghost and also had the faceless kid he brought to Daebak Realty. The documents specify that an egg ghost can not be exercised with a spirit awl, which Ji-ah thinks Mi-jin would have recognized, yet she definitely keeps in mind Mi-jin utilizing a spirit awl that day anyway– so what was she attempting to do with it?

Ji-ah had thought that she couldn’t exorcise Mi-jin’s spirit due to the fact that she wasn’t utilizing a strong adequate medium, but In-bum is really strong and their attempt still really did not work so there have to be more to it. Ji-ah thinks that there must have been something concerning the method Mi-jin purged the egg ghost that was unusual, and also might have had repercussions for her own spirit.

Hwa-jung asks Ji-ah why she was excavating with the archive anyhow and Ji-ah tells her that she was trying to find the records from 1979, which appear to be missing. Hwa-jung freezes wide-eyed in the background yet Ji-ah does not observe, as well hectic bearing in mind that she located In-bum searching with the old casefiles prior to.

Ji-chul as well as In-bum are talking with the police after their van and also area were broken into and also their electronics stolen. Ji-ah asks In-bum outright if he’s taken any one of her grandma’s exorcism records and also he says no, following her back to the office whining regarding being charged without proof.

In-bum admire the number and also age of the exorcism document publications Ji-ah has, which were handed down by her forefathers, and also Ji-ah informs him that she intends to be the one to end the family members custom. Exorcism has actually subsumed her whole life to the point that she occasionally feels as though she’ll be swallowed up by it, and she would not wish to cause that on her youngster. In-bum guarantees her that she’s not someone that would certainly lose themselves as easily as that.

Director Do has actually sent his hooligans bent on search for the shed contract anywhere In-bum is gotten in touch with– including his youth house– however fruitless. Secretary Choi thinks it’s not likely In-bum already recognizes what took place two decades ago given that he’s been trying to get in touch with people that understood Sung-shik for details, however Supervisor Do continues to be persuaded otherwise, remembering what In-bum said to him at the abandoned storehouse. Instantly a glass-fronted display screen closet in the workplace splits, right over an image of the Golden Apartments groundbreaking event.

A man driving home at night hits the brakes when a ghost shows up before his cars and truck. He mosts likely to look and also only finds a soccer ball there, but when he gets back in the car a little ghost lady grins at him from the backseat and also his screams echo with the evening.

A husband and wife who have recently shed their daughter, Eun-byeol, have actually come to Daebak Realty seeking help. There have actually been rumors lately of a child ghost in the area and also they’re stressed it’s Eun-byeol’s spirit, unable to proceed due to the fact that her killer hasn’t been taken to court. They want to let Daebak offer their home, however it’s the exorcism that they truly desire.

At the team instruction, Hwa-jung loads everybody in on their believed ghost. Eun-byeol, aged 10, got on her means home from a pal’s one night when she was struck by an automobile at her apartment building. Building job nearby indicated that the streetlights and also CCTV cameras weren’t functioning that night, yet the vehicle driver is declaring that Eun-byeol was currently lying on the ground when he got there.

Meet Apartments is a ‘social-mix’ apartment complex, which implies that some devices are privately had and some are rented to individuals on reduced revenues, developing a blend of citizens from various monetary backgrounds. This socio-economic divide has actually caused a lot of dispute, and also the homeowner remain in the midst of building a fence down the facility of the complex to physically separate the two factions.

The tenants are unhappy with the new fence as it blocks the roadway and causes gain access to problems for them. Eun-byeol’s parents own their apartment and her mom was one of the extra vocal advocates for the job, informing the occupants that just because they resided in the same kind of residential property as the homeowners really did not indicate they coincided kind of people.

Ji-ah’s concluded very comfortably in a massive (black) cushioned layer for the initial investigation, and also In-bum teases her regarding just how cute she looks, giggling as she grumpily has problem with her seat belt.

When they get to the apartment complex, Ji-ah complains concerning exactly how kid spirits are hard to capture since they don’t move practically and won’t stay still. It’ll be hard to work to find the ghost as well as Ji-ah’s temperature level will drop, which is why she’s dressed so warmly. In-bum advises her he’s a special tool who can recharge her but Ji-ah simply snaps at him to stop troubling her.

Simply after that Ji-ah senses the ghost enjoying them from behind an auto, as well as it escapes through the fence. Irritable, Ji-ah strips off her padded coat and scales the fence to give chase, while In-bum view on impressed. He adheres to at a more sedate rate as well as enjoys bemusedly as Ji-ah sprints randomly around the facility, going after a ghost he can not see.

In-bum catches up to a worn down Ji-ah and uses his solutions as a spiritual battery, which she hesitantly approves. Ji-ah notices the ghost peering over his shoulder and orders him to hold still while she tries to get a good look at the woman’s face, yet they’re disturbed by a security personnel.

When Eun-byeol’s mother shows up to clear Ji-ah as well as In-bum as her guests, the ghost youngster phones call to her soundlessly as well as runs to hug her, but passes directly through. Experiencing this, Ji-ah validates that the trapped spirit is without a doubt Eun-byeol.

Recuperating from the shock, Eun-byeol’s mother asks Ji-ah if she can be there for the exorcism, so Eun-byeol will not be alone when she leaves, yet Ji-ah securely rejects. In-bum stares at her judgingly on the drive home as well as Ji-ah defensively alerts him not to start with her.

A strange figure sees In-bum as he walks back to the dining establishment: it’s Tae-jin, that looks as though he’s been sleeping harsh for some time. In-bum invites him in for a drink and Tae-jin tells him that Director Do threw him away after he stopped working to obtain Ji-ah to sign over her property.

Taejin is terrified of Supervisor Do as well as asks for a task at Daebak Realty, wishing they’ll be able to protect him. He uses to be their muscle however In-bum tells him that Ji-ah is all the muscle they require and also Tae-jin has to yield that point. He frantically provides to cancel the debt In-bum owes him, however In-bum won’t budge as well as Tae-jin begins to sob. He looks so useless that even the restaurant proprietor he’s been terrorising for months regrets enough for him to provide him a free meal.

Ji-chul is thrilled after receiving a birthday present of underclothing from his sweetheart. He’s never really seen her, having actually met her online, but they are because of have their first in person conference following week.

A flock of well-dressed ladies reach the office the next day as well as intrude past Ji-ah when she attempts to tell them they’re closed. They’ve come since they have actually heard that Daebak is handling the sale of Eun-byeol’s family members’s apartment and they wish to set some ground rules.

Apparently there’s an informal agreement among the homeowners not to market their properties as well cheaply due to the fact that it’ll bring the remainder of the building values down, and also they have actually involved guarantee that Daebak abides by this setup. Ji-ah candidly notifies them that collusion is unlawful and they splutter at her indignantly.

The ladies inform Ji-ah that Eun-byeol’s mom is psychological at the moment and slipped up in concerning Daebak, and also Ji-ah scolds them for being even more concerned about building worths than the fatality of a kid. They tell Ji-ah that what happened was very unfortunate yet they should not all have to endure for it, and Ji-ah, livid at their self-centeredness, orders them to leave.

The exorcism will certainly have to be performed outdoors, which means that the spirit incense will burn faster than common, giving them limited time to act. Hwa-jung has actually rewarded the security guard on patrol to guarantee there will not be any type of disruptions. In-bum tries once again to encourage Ji-ah to let Eun-byeol’s mama be at the exorcism, but she continues to be unmoved.

As Ji-ah and also In-bum prepared the site, Eun-byeol’s mom shows up and kneels in front of Ji-ah, begging seriously to be enabled to stay to make sure that she can be there when Eun-byeol’s spirit leaves. Ji-ah relents, on the condition that Eun-byeol’s mom agrees to use a blindfold and also remain within a small salt circle, whatever she listens to.

Eun-byeol’s mommy is the best lure, as well as Eun-byeol soon appears however is stopped from getting near to her by the salt obstacle. As she calls soundlessly for her mom, In-bum removes his locket and also the ghost is pulled right into his body.

Eun-byeol’s mom can hear her little girl’s voice calling for her now, and intuitively approaches it, damaging the salt circle around her. She steps into a featureless black space, as well as sees Eun-byeol standing contrary her.

Sobbing, Eun-byeol apologises to her mom for skipping research study academy to have fun with her friend the day she died. She ‘d been purchased not to associate with the youngsters from renter families, however when her mama was too busy contesting the building and construction of the wall surface to walk her to the academy she went to play soccer with them instead.

Eun-byeol was late heading residence that evening, so she attempted to climb over the fence separating the occupants’ and also property owners’ areas of the apartment complex rather than going the long way round. She diminished as well as hit her head on the concrete, which killed her.

When Eun-byeol’s mom finds that the fencing she built killed her daughter, she falls to her knees sobbing, ridden with guilt. Eun-byeol hugs her prior to her spirit dissipates, and back in reality, the spirit awl liquifies in Ji-ah’s hand.

As they drive home, In-bum asks what occurred to Eun-byeol– he didn’t get her memories the method he normally does. Ji-ah clarifies that she managed to purge the spirit without piercing him with the awl, the first time she’s ever before done that.

Hwa-jung’s waiting anxiously for Ji-ah when she returns. Ji-ah asks if she was the one that tipped off Eun-byeol’s mama that they ‘d be there, as well as Hwa-jung says she’s a lowlife who killed her child with her own hands herself, so she couldn’t simply overlook another bereaved mommy.

Sitting in her car, Hwa-jung reflects to when she was a young adult being spoken with by Investigative Kang Han-seok after eliminating her kid. He ‘d asked her why she ‘d gone so far when there were various other options available, like an orphanage, and she would certainly responded that she didn’t want to be caught.

Hwa-Jung fulfills the police officer accountable for Mi-jin’s instance at a pop-up bar, as well as he educates her that Ji-ah is still excavating into the past. He’s rejected her request for the case files on Sung-sheik’s suicide, however, he’s worried that she’ll find something if she maintains looking. Hwa-Jung claims firmly that she’ll make certain that doesn’t occur.

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