Shooting Stars Episodes 3-4

After the madness of a celebrity behind the cloudy back stores, constant disputes, and the curtain, when we find more in the world of our stars and their orbit. Although there may not be the easiest people to deal with celebrities, their team will do everything possible to manage them. Even if it includes maximizing the meters more than their stress.

Episode 3-4 Weecap

After the news of Han Bauel, Tai Singh’s university is being reported by the university, PR staff enthusiastically produces the ideas of the ship. Thankfully, they manage to abolish the position even before its outbreak, but Han Bibel is afraid and if the picture increases online, they ask them to report it.

A fellow actor in the Tai Singh Agency runs in (by Li Ki-Woo). He really looks sick and says he doesn’t have much time to stay… but as it turns out, he is also a bit of a character who is currently playing in his sob fest Melodrama. Unfortunately, his procedure lands both his and his manager in the hospital and the PR team has to deal with since then (including his boss who demands the actor’s next role where he Plays a healthy and successful role).

Dai Soo and Yu Song, with their respective actors, meet outside the audition of the upcoming Tai Singh drama, and Dai Soo wants a hopeful shopkeeper falling from the sky.

Not out of the sky, but in a local restaurant, a beautiful cook, Kong Shi Duke (Lee Saving-Hebs), rejected the Scouting Off up from the enrolled. She goes to the hun for advice on securing some kind of diamond, and we see how she agreed to sign Tai Singh with Star Force Entertainment.

Even in his high school days, Tai Singh (which has always been a bad pants) has received a lot of scouting offers. But with the perseverance of G Hohn and a “business secret” (and some hilarious heritage meta for our enjoyment), he managed to win the Tai Song.

Every working person needs to fill the tension index questionnaire, and Tai Singh’s new manager, Bone Jang Jang Yol (Jin Ho-Ain)-Junior staff who scolded by Yu Singh last week, brings it. It is not surprising to anyone, however, the scandalous pants refuse to fill the question mark.

The audience’s results come and the actresses pass by because she is a badly Brett in real life, and her role is that of a badly top star-she believed she was following this section. Unfortunately, the actor of Yu Singh did not get this role. Although his audition was amazing, the role was given to different actors from pure Iqbal Puri.

For stress, Han Bauel goes to watch a movie, but the source of all its stress comes to watch the same movie. The breath shows them in the cinema during their university days, and when Tai was staring on the screen, she was looking at it. The opposite is now the matter, and it is his turn to stare at it.

Tai Singh still thinks that Han Baiwell sent him to Africa with aim, so he discusses what his voluntary journey is the cause. At a press conference a year ago, one of Tai Singh’s rivals (are you a Yong of war?) Was news of his dreams to help him in Africa. Tai Singh wondered if he too could work voluntarily, but Han Bowel did not think he was in it. Due to his lack of belief, he strongly announced that he would go to Africa! Unfortunately, the announcement was made on the camera by a crowd of reporters and the headlines were given. Talk about bad times.

At home, Tai Singh read news about a big actress (Choi Ji Woo), and was attacked by panic. From her amazing flashbacks, we see her actress belongs to her … because what is the superiority of a man without a traumatic backpack?

Then, Han Bauel calls-and a portion of me thinks that she reads the news and wants to check it-but somehow, she is turning it into a tension questionnaire. They bet to see who is the highest pressure between them, but the gold medal is given to the hebum for stress, which ends with severe appendisitis and has to be taken to the hospital.

Even when it needs surgery, K-BBM is still in reporter mode and writes an article until it is dragged by doctors. Meanwhile, Ho Young Hospital visits the actor of our procedure and asks whether he is sorry for his scouting to become an actor. She says she does not, and she runs away with a renewed enthusiasm for Shi Duke, which eventually accepts her scouting offer. Oh!

Speaking of managers who go out for their stars, U-Sing withdrew the role taken unfairly by his fraud. He does a wide view at a time where the actor is present, eventually (and deliberately) catchs a cartoon, which is settled. Yu Singh may be closely competed, but now its shopkeeper has a role. Now it’s a dedication!

Meanwhile, in the program that signed a fans, Han Baile took notice that Tai Song was tired, and when she stains her now filled questionnaire, the warning alarm is in her head. Go He never stumbles so lightly, and when he is stabilized by the bodyguard, his focus also kicks him to catch him. When she arrives at the stage, she travels and slips into the middle of the legs of two men. The shameful moment is played for the comedy of the Titanic theme song, and it is occupied by countless phoenics. It goes viral on the Internet. Poor Han Bauel.

Of course, Tai Singh will never allow her to go to such a golden opportunity, and she is exactly the same sliding in her next photo shoot. That is really the pigs of her existence, is it? To further worsen matters, he gets a “perfect score” on his tension index questionnaire and his condition wins. As a result, Han Bauel will have to deduct a 3 -month salary. Dynasty! Nevertheless, Han Bauel is worried about it and is surprised whether he will go through consultation with his high pressure score.

Shi Duke formally joins the Star Force Entertainment, and Yu Song’s deceased actor Yun Jay Haven becomes a roommate. Meanwhile, not resting on its overs, Ho Young defeated another actor (Camu Bazari by Lee Sang Woo). According to rumors, it is a royal pain, but Ho Young argues that he behaves well. However, he proves that two truths can be together with a very polite shock.

Filmmaking begins for Tai Singh’s new drama, and goes up to its administrative duties on the Yolly set and upset-sharing Tai Singh’s rival’s verified drinks, taking a lot of literal instructions, and even Also spread the wet short of Tai Singh in the open space. She is very sincere and unintentionally hilarious. However, it all naturally disturbs Tai Singh, and he refuses to film like a true giant. To smooth things with the staff, Han, Han Bauel and his team bring breakfast and coffee trucks to the filmmaking site, and surprised Tai Song’s face is the greatest grain when he sees it. Ego! He is very killed.

When an old passerby falls into the middle of the seat, Jang Yol, who is a former ambulance driver, performs first aid. Thankfully, the old man survived, and Tai Singh began to soften his attitude with Jang Yol.

In his office, Hyk Hyk looks at the viral sliding clip of Bauel and thinks he is cute. On another occasion, he stains it in a weekend in a cafe and cures it coffee. Then at work, he runs on the PR staff that develops new Taibule theories, and finally, he asks Han Baul Point Black whether she’s getting Tai Song.

For someone who was just thinking about how good Tai could be on this occasion-he saved him from further embarrassment of his sliding crash and with his condition with his salary dock. Did not follow. Such a prejudice claim. Tai Singh, who is listening to the hall, stands unpleasant, while so Hokk is clearly happy.

Well, what did I say about the triangle of love last week? I really need to be so quick to make the plays make their decision by their first week. Although I am happy to see more hundred and more scenes this week, it contains all the second lead syndrome.

In two weeks in the drama, it does not seem that a lot is happening according to the plot, as the story is more about the characters. By the way, are it just me or have many roles in this play? Just when I think we have worked with the introduction of the character, one more pop becomes. I am not complaining, because I enjoy secondary characters, but I wonder if the drama will be able to properly prepare their related stories.

The shooting stars suffer from a light and easy clock, and the chemo exposure is icing on the cake. Although I would appreciate the development of a little and plot, I am not in the rush to start the romance of Tie Song and Han Baul. I am a fish to make them a small dispute, so keep it.

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