Tomorrow Episodes 9-10

Since our wraps try to save more lives, we get two very different issues this week. It is broken that we think we know about the missions of the rapeers, and one who is positively brutal and brings a wrapper to the edge. Show, I will need a little hope and happiness if you continue to make it difficult.

Episode 9-10 Weecap

There are a lot of raw materials coming here – some (literally) blowing together – but let’s get the right to the entertainment parts first, will we do? Fun, of course, is the wider story, and what we are slowly learning about the past of Ryon and Jong Gul. After Jong Gayle, he saw Ryon in his nightmare, he assures him that he couldn’t know each other in the past: it was just a dream.

But yes, no. The Royon walked straight to the jade emperor, clearly shaking, and secretly said, “You said he was the only one but a different person.” We have been told that the rapeers remembered their recent lives, and we have seen Ryon doing so, but do Jong Gul face the same? The scene of the fighting we have now seen the pieces of the fight shows that it was really Ryon and Jong Gul who were fighting, and the jade emperor also says something notorious (and possibly flare up with double Moen. Has been): The man killed the man he loved.

Where are we going with it exactly? Were they loved, enemies, or both on some occasion of their past? We (still) do not know much, but our rapers have sheds a little more light on the past (and the ring too) of the Ryon in the event 10-but first, let’s take a break from its sins, the past and a sharp break Enjoy Because this is 9.

Our wrap team literally chases the wild laughter dog. While searching for the next spirit, they must be saved, June Wong and the team actually managed to save their younger sister. He is not suicide-the truth, on the contrary-he is strong for his mother, while they deal with June-Wong’s coma and the results and stresses. But he has just rescued a running dog that had entered the street and hit a nearby torment truck.

The punishment trucks are usually strokes of sick fate, but here, we learn that this small dog has entered the front of the toddown. In fact, Ryon has confirmed that the philosophical little boy is the spirit of suicide after which he must be saved. come again? It doesn’t really work for me, but as I am trying to do everything, I will take a drama on his intention. And that intention, here, we have to show that all creatures are hurting, that no one is very important to avoid our high strength notice, and that animals are amazing (but we know that Were).

The team eventually collides the dog’s story together-June-Wong even see the memory rail from the dog’s age (it’s already ready and ready to go because the dog ready to die soon Has been done). It turns out that the dog was not abandoned because he was temporarily ill, as the team had already estimated. On the contrary, the dog ran away from his long -term owner (a boy who was his owner when he was a dog) because he saw his master’s sadness, and increased his master’s isolation and felt more time. What More mature than a dog paying attention.

Discovering the dog owner is a very cute and disturbing boy whose name is low (a very crying chemo by Cha Hawk-Yon A.K.A. N). Thanks to our rapers that they can re -meet their dogs and they make peace and before the dogs say goodbye to tears before the dog ends their natural life and it is collected by a wrapper –

I will not find all the reasons that it is a strange and stupid, and instead I just appreciate the drama that tried to do something different, and enjoy the Rhine’s line that an animal There is no clean heart other than.

It seems that the Flifi Dog case indicates that the drama looks lightweight, but once we kill the event 10, it becomes clear that the drama was giving us a mental break for the coming barbarism. The next matter is really a terrible – difficult to see, difficult for the stomach, difficult to deal with completely.

The matter is a double – their two twins commit suicide in the 20s, and as the team digs, we soon learn what the reason is. The woman twin Yun Hui showed a horrific rape, and failed to live a normal life as a result of the attack. The drama becomes even more clear as to why-as the culprit went down easily, the allegation he hated himself, and the PTSD from which he suffered. It’s all terrible and as I said, it’s hard to see.

But our reaper is amazing, and if the drama has shown us anything-at least in the world of this drama-well-chosen words and some real-life sympathy help people live in their darkest moments Can provide. And the team works once again, Ryon is coming to help this young woman, and the ring and June Wong are their twin brothers. (Also, Jong Gail also sweeps the scene to take care of the abusers, and it meets both a firearms and a firearms future.)

I will not be on this story because I don’t think my heart can take it, so instead we will focus on what this matter has revealed to us about Ryon and Ring. Initially, Ryon warned June Wong that the matter was hit by a personal note for the ring, and that we see him seeing him going into a watchman justice mode, which makes us understand. When we hear from Rhine that his mother attacked him worse and consequently committed suicide.

Reveng Koo may work separately, but we look at his character and his past life injury to which he is holding. Even on the road he cries over a woman who looks like her mother (or she is born again).

The matter confirms the dark details of our past, tells us more about Royon. When she’s trying to talk to Yun Hui, she compares both physical and emotional signs, and the drama confirms that Ryon really committed suicide in her past life. Whether it is due to crime or political pressure or what God knows, we do not yet have all the details, but it is meaningful for its role. Why is he so fond of saving people from his mistake? His fate (and the red thread that was once tied to a particular person, maybe?) Why was it broken? And why in the past, there is a pile of tragic secrets.

This tragic past is the epic of a jozon that I wish to turn away from the spin, because at this time I was less likely to look at Hooke in a warrior. Of suicide stories. It has a lot to take, whether you buy the base of the drama or not, and a tragic Joseon Romance looks like its perfect counter. What is the wish?

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