True Beauty Episodes 15-16 Open Thread (Final)

In its last week, True Elegance throws us a couple of curveballs along the lines of worthy idiocy, follower service, as well as some manufactured dramatization. Yet, considering that the actual compound of our tale was beautifully concluded recently, our last episdoes wind up feeling more like filler than real wrap-up.

Overall, I truly enjoyed True Elegance, so I don’t want to allow my inconvenience over both last episodes take away from that. So, allow’s briefly speak about why these episodes were frustrating– but without allowing it diminish the drama, given that general it truly was fun and also pleasant.

As stated over, the primary storyline was completed recently, and also quite well. This begs the question, why not finish the collection around Episode 13/14, with a good strong as well as enjoyable landing? We could never ever understand the true thinking, but the drama’s final week appears totally for filling area, alluding to source product for fans, and also– oh yep– offering us the full-fledged second lead agony we didn’t reach experience at maximum force throughout the previous fourteen episodes.

The drawback of these last two episodes is: a two-year dive, an incomprehensible break up between Joo-kyung and also Soo-ho, as well as significant suffering for Seo-joon. The silver lining, though? A lot more Seo-joon.

Yet is that sufficient to make it rewarding? For me, it wasn’t. I would certainly have rather maintained the future in the future, and also appreciated an excellent wrap-up. Rather, we take a last turn with our personalities, our love triangle, as well as see where they land as young people.

The cliffhanger last week made it look like Seo-joon as well as Joo-kyung were dating (or, it did to me). I obtained played. They’re not dating, yet they’re very close. Seo-joon is a fixture in your home, sleeps over, fits with the family … and also he’s still very much crazy with Joo-kyung.

After our two-year time jump, Joo-kyung is single, as well as here’s why: Soo-ho was delayed in the States because of his papa’s severe ailment, and he chooses it’s much better for them to have an excruciating and also nonsensical split instead of have her “await him.”

I’m not against all expressions of worthy idiocy, however this instance was not favored by yours really. This couple is, and also has been, charming as well as fully commited. They’re heartbroken to component. It makes no sense why they can not have a long-distance partnership for a little instead.

However reasoning be damned. Soo-hoo pulls radio silence for about two years, and also when he lastly turns back up in Seoul (looking elder and also hotter, I could add), he’s got a one-track mind: Where is Joo-kyung. Why is he seeking her now? Why was it okay to leave her for 2 years, now that he’s back, it’s okay to discover her once again? I don’t recognize.

The two have a fateful initial snow meeting at Namsan Tower, however, Joo-Kyung nurses her broken heart and also tries to avoid Soo-ho for awhile. She’s also a little baffled, due to the fact that this re-meeting is specifically at the same time that Seo-Joon lastly develops the nerve to confess to Joo-Kyung. 2 years this child waited. Currently, he makes his step. It’s the 2nd leadiest of relocations, and I’ll never obtain tired of the “just three days” idea, as well as the self-sacrificing sweet taste of our textbook second leads.

Without a doubt, Seo-joon truly outdoes himself here. He’s being swoony towards Joo-kyung, yet he can tell in addition to we can that she has no enchanting sensations for him. He also knows that when Soo-ho is back (therefore is their lovable bromance!) that he has no chance in all. So, instead of duke it out, he tells a fib that serves to bring Joo-kyung and Soo-ho back with each other completely. Sigh.

Joo-Kyung and Soo-ho coming back together are the cruces of the final episodes, and also actually the only story left is simply the enjoyment of discovering where everyone landed. Joo-Kyung is helping Selena’s makeup firm and showing guarantee, Seo-Joon as well as his team are about to make their big debut, and also Soo-ho covered things up with his dad.

In addition to this, there’s our adorable side stories. Hee-kyung obtains wed to the class instructor (and also it’s as redonkulous as you can think of), Go-woon ultimately gives in to Joo-young, Soo-ah as well as Tae-hoon get back with each other as twenty-somethings, and Soo-jin (having gained redemption) is back with a kinder heart but an even fiercer side kick.

I love the personalities in True Elegance so I’m not sorry to see more of them, even if it’s digressive. However, something concerning these final episodes really felt unneeded, as well as (for me anyhow) is eliminated from the splendor of the tale that preceded it. I’m not against filler as well as fluff, yet I protest filler and also fluff that claims it’s essential when it’s not.

Overall, the drama does stay real to its shade and also tone, also with the ending episodes. And also it’s always fun to have a tale that does not forget its personalities, and also provides all a happy closing– much like Joo-Kyung as well as Soo-ho’s little minute at the close of the drama, together at the manhwa shop picking their following read: Satisfied Ending.

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